Pacific Channel releases updated internal analysis of Living Cell Technologies.

Pacific Channel has released its updated internal analysis of Living Cell Technologies (ASX:LCT).

LCT is an Australasian biotechnology company that is focused on developing a cell-based therapy for Parkinson’s Disease.

Parkinson’s disease is caused by the gradual breakdown and death of neurons (nerve cells in the brain). The loss of neurons causes abnormal brain activity, which leads tremors, slowed movement, rigid muscles, impaired posture and balance, loss of automatic movements, speech changes and writing changes. End-stage Parkinson’s is extremely debilitating and sufferers will require full-time care.

It is Pacific Channel’s view that NTCELL trial data has not been adequately communicated to LCT shareholders.  Pacific Channel has released this report to provide the market with its views on the current status and potential of LCT and outline upcoming challenges that have not in our view been fully addressed by LCT’s board.

Pacific Channel is working as part of a group of interested LCT shareholders to recommend the need to appoint a new director(s) with experience in biotechnology commercialisation, including capital markets and investor relations experience, who would be well regarded by specialist industry investors and investment banks.

The company has today provided an interim announcement regarding the Phase IIb data and advised that it is seeking further advice from both its statistician and advisory panel to help interpret the data. We expect the clarification will be released this month. Given the market response to the interim report, it should be released with great urgency. It is our view that the LCT board poorly communicates such results to the markets and that the appointment of a commercial director as we recommend needs to be made as soon as possible. Further, the company has advised that it expects guidance on its regulatory pathway in June, which in our view means the company will require input from such a director to navigate this process.

To help inform existing LCT shareholders of the need for such an appointment, especially large shareholders for who we are not currently in communication, we have released this report.

This report is dated 13 th  May 2019 and was produced to capture Pacific Channel’s internal assessment of LCT, which on this occasion it has chosen to publish and can be found by accessing the following link.

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Pacific Channel is a shareholder of Living Cell Technologies Limited (LCT) and NZeno Limited through a related entity.

This report is dated 13 th   May 2019 and was produced to capture Pacific Channel’s internal assessment of LCT, which on this occasion it has chosen to publish. Pacific Channel has not received any remuneration or promise of remuneration by any party in consideration for producing and releasing this report.

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