About Us

Since our formation in 2006, Pacific Channel has placed in excess of NZD $35 million of seed and early-stage funding into ~25 New Zealand early-stage companies over 45 capital raises. Since mid-2008, Pacific Channel has made seed investments as a co-investment partner with the NZ Venture Investment Fund, and a number well as a number of wealthy co-investors.

Our team of highly experienced professionals have skills unique to venture creation and investment. Collectively our team demonstrates entrepreneurial, scientific, investment, government, market and business expertise, which enables us to prepare companies for investment and secure funding.

Our portfolio companies are supported with our expertise in business management and governance where required. Pacific Channel takes an active role and serves on the board of directors of all of its portfolio companies. We also have the ability to provide effective executive roles or a complete management team to help jump start new companies.


Pacific Channel has a reputation for founding high growth companies and supporting its clients with a strong local and global network of proven experts. Our focus is to help develop companies with worthwhile innovations that have the potential to create significant wealth for innovators and investors, while delivering socially valuable results.

Pacific Channel’s goal is to work with its portfolio and client companies to optimally structure and deliver financing, strategic alliances and commercialization strategies at minimal cost and risk. Specifically, we work with innovators to create and fund new cutting-edge companies ready for our and our co-investors investment..

Pacific Channel has itself established best in class independent governance and internal systems to help ensure that it behaves ethically and performs to the highest standards.