For Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Our investment criteria

Pacific Channel seeks to place investments in high growth companies with strong fundamentals and a clearly defined market opportunity. Pacific Channel’s investment criteria includes:

  • An incorporation or intention to incorporate in New Zealand;
  • Companies exploiting technologies in market sectors in which our team has specific expertise;
  • Has established technical proof-of-concept;
  • Is capable of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage through intellectual property protection or otherwise;
  • Has a rational and informed strategy for regulatory issues related to the technology;
  • The technology addresses clear unmet need and solves a worthwhile problem within its target market;
  • There is a strong management in place (or the people are open to establishing a strong management team);
  • The venture has a life time investment requirement of less than $25m prior to investor liquidity;
  • A clear, well defined exit strategy and potential minimum ten-fold return on investment unless the return profile is mitigated by significantly lower risk;
  • A market-realistic valuation;
  • People we can work with who have a like-minded approach to doing business.


Our review and investment process

Pacific Channel uses a systematic and rigorous investment screening process. Our review and investment process is as follows:

  1. Initial review of the business plan and financials by Pacific Channel. See our investment criteria.
  2. Peer-review of the technology by associates of Pacific Channel and independent industry experts.
  3. In-depth due diligence performed by Pacific Channel.
  4. Investment readiness – assist in preparing investment offer and due-diligence documents.
  5. Agree on investment terms.
  6. Investment from Pacific Channel
  7. Investment from 3rd parties.
  8. Close.