Orbis has outgrown its part time jumpstart team and requires a full-time commercial team.  Orbis is currently recruiting for an experienced high-growth CEO, Chief Operations Officer, and an Immunologist.

CEO – Orbis’ technology has developed successfully and it now seeks a full time CEO to focus on global commercialisation. The position requires experience in introducing a complex technology with multiple stakeholders, including government, through to market. The CEO must have experience in partnership management and oversight of contract manufacture.

Chief Operations Manager – Orbis seeks a person to support its R&D team and to operationally drive towards the company’s vision. The role is broad including procurement through to managing and reporting on operational progress to stakeholders.

Immunologist (Masters or post-doctoral) – Orbis seeks a person with expertise in immunology to contribute to the Company’s work related to SARS-CoV-2, the nature of immune responses produced following infection and vaccination to help inform the required characteristics of Orbis’ Quantitative Immunity Test for use at borders.

Please email [email protected] if you have interest in any of these roles.