Pheromite was founded in January 2016 to develop a novel treatment against a parasitic mite that kills bees. The Varroa mite is a worldwide problem for beekeepers. For example, in the US it is the main cause of 47% of annual beehive colony deaths. Pheromite is developing a novel biological treatment involving both a novel biologic and a novel delivery system.

Pacific Channel, along with Astrolab, led seed investment into Pheromite at its formation.

Pablo Photo

Dr Pablo German

Founding Director and Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Pablo German, is a molecular biologist with substantial knowledge of biological treatment approaches for insects. His experience includes the role of Research Manager at Comvita, the world’s largest producer of Manuka honey, which seeks to use the technology once developed. Dr German is supported by Pacific Channel, which provides operational management.

Pheromite is planning to seek $140,000 of investment funding this year. These funds will be used to facilitate the next stage of development which involves screening a library of candidate compounds. Following this, Pheromite intends to test these candidate compounds on live mites in small-scale field trials. The funds will also be used to further the development and testing of the delivery system.

Please contact Kieran Jina here if you would like more information on Pheromite.